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Moxiette Poplucia

The Resurrected, Mother of The Midnight Flame, High Priestess of Dahkoar


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For all that Moxiette is meticulously well-studied and apt to philosophize at a gleefully whirlwind pace, she finds the practical application of her brains to be another matter, entirely. After all, there's a huge, frightening world beyond the written page, and you might say she's been rather sheltered from it, thus far.  Her present occupation within The Lord's Temple constantly presents her with the struggle to be bold. Worthy. It seems the weight of those pressures are always faintly perceptible beneath the veil of her precocious cheeriness.

When she isn't attending to her clerical duties, Moxiette can be found reading, researching, or perhaps studying a jar of woodland critters. From time to time, she dabbles in painting, too.


You see a female gnome,


Totally sweet-faced and preciously charming, its only her features' touch of melancholy that distances her from her racial conventions; with a presence so tiny and fair, and yet a mismatched hint of gloom, she renders the likeness of a porcelain doll who's had better days. A sense of whimsy is reassured, however, by the sunkissed blush stretching lengthwise over the bridge of her petite nose, accompanied by a sprinkling of fawnish freckles and dainty lips set below. She is roughly four feet tall and, save the minimum endowment of a young lady, more twiggy than curvaceous.


She has a tremendous amount of hair for such a little individual. The thick tresses fall to brush her hips in soft waves, with bangs cut straight across her forehead, while the whole affair is dyed the faintest of petaline pinks.


She has large, hazel eyes so heavily lashed that their appearance is almost always vaguely doleful.

Intro Anchor

"Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination."

The Phantom of the Opera




The History of Moxiette


Moxiette is continuously grateful to a dear few who have offered advice, thoughtful conversation, and friendship. These individuals make the passing days all the more pleasant.



Fuzzy, wily and curious, this dark creature is still small enough to sit comfortably within the dimensions of a coffee mug. Though she is a tabby, it's only the discerning eye that would note it, as her melanistic genetics create a coat that appears to be entirely midnight at first glance, and therefore devoid of any characterizing stripes. A closer look or the correct lighting, however, reveals the very roots of her fur to be silvery white, effecting an unusual "ghost" pattern that manifests in a subtle, argent marbling across her agile body. In the most basic sense, though, with semantics and technicalities aside, she's just a black cat.


She has black fur with uniquely silver striations.

Her eyes are golden.

Friends Anchor

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."


Edgar Allen Poe

The path of a cleric is a calling, and one that Moxiette hears evidently. She is proud to serve the Lord of Darkness among her faithful brothers and sisters.


It is taken for granted that a gnome will toil often in study, experimentation and the arts. Here is a collection of works that Moxiette has amassed, thus far. 



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